Melissa Giese, DVM

Melissa Giese, DVM


Dr. Giese was born and raised in Illinois. Before attending veterinary school she was heavily involved with exotic animal care. She was head of volunteer of an exotic animal shelter where she cared for a wide variety of species as well as directed animal programs. As additional education, Dr. Giese completed internship at Brookfield Zoo for zookeeping and Flint Creek Wildlife for raptor handling and care.

She received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. During her education, Dr. Giese involved herself in as many opportunities as possible to work with exotic species including working with the University of Illinois' Wildlife Clinic as a Public Relations Director and Executive Board Member, selecting exotic coursework, and becoming involved with the variety of exotic species oriented clubs on campus.

Dr. Giese enjoyed becoming involved with the public through conducting educational programs using the Wildlife Clinic's resident raptors and writing the school's Pet Columns, which were informational articles that covered a range of topics. She believes that client education is an incredibly important part of veterinary medicine and continues to have a passion for education.

In 2017, Dr. Giese joined Ness Exotic Wellness Center. It is her goal to provide compassionate and personalized care to all species. She enjoys spending time with her extensive pet family including three leopard geckos, a Western hognose snake, a veiled chameleon, a bearded dragon, a hedgehog, two rescued dogs and two rescued cats.

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